High quality screencap galleries and downloads.

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Fringe 401-404
[Fr] Contemplate.
killmotion wrote in inadream_caps

1280x720 HD, NO LOGO

Orange Opening Credits Gallery
401, Neither Here Nor There Gallery, Zip (121 MB)
402, One Night In October Gallery, Zip (110 MB)
403, Alone in the World Gallery, Zip (105 MB)
404 Subject 9 Gallery, Zip (134 MB)

Comment, credit, and enjoy!

YAY I'm so glad you're still capping Fringe :D It's kind of hard to find caps and your are the best anyway!
Thank you!

You have to blame iTunes first and...THEN my procrastination, but they did not have the first thee eps out until after episode 4. No idea why. I was quite annoyed. Here's hoping a) the Rangers win tonight and Fringe is actually on Friday and b) iTunes releases 4x05 in a jiffy because it looks sooooooo good. You're welcome. :)

Excuse me, I just did a small dance of joy... and now have to check my schedule for some play time. Thank you. ♥

Hey, just FYI, the Subject 9 zip link takes you back to this post and not to the download link. :)

Whoops. That's what I get for posting this at 5 in the morning. I spent so long uploading them to the server and gallery and making zips, gah haha. Here :D

LOL, well I am very appreciative of all of your efforts. ♥

THANK YOU. It's not as easy to find galleries, these are looveellyyyyy!!

You're welcome. I know how important galleries are to some people. And not zips, which are nice and I give people that option, too. I also manually cap and sort so I like to think I'm doing everyone a favor even it it is tedious and frustrating at times! :P Go forth and make pretty things!

Thanks for these; your efforts don't go unnoticed!

Well thank you kindly, and enjoy!