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High quality screencap galleries and downloads.

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FAQ // Contact us.
chuck | jeffster
telltale wrote in inadream_caps
Got a question? We've (hopefully) got an answer.
Please read the current FAQ's to make sure your question hasn't been answered yet. If it hasn't, go ahead and comment here and one of us will answer your question asap!

Q: I downloaded the zip file, but can't get it open. Why not?

A: If you have a PC, you need to have winrar installed to open files. A lot files are saved as a .rar because this makes for an easier and faster upload and download. If you do not have winrar you can download it free here. For Mac users, you need a copy of StuffIt! If you have winrar or StuffIt! installed already, and the file still isn't opening, it's probably a mistake on our part, so comment on the post and let us know. We will fix it asap!

Q: Can I request caps?

A: Yes, but please do so at the capper's DVD list post. You can find those Here.

Need to contact us about something? Comment here with it.

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(Deleted comment)
Up until recently we had caps for leverage, but the capper left the community and started her own. I believe she only has the first 4 or 5 episodes capped, but you can find them at rawr_caps.
I didn't realize it was listed as an interest. So thanks for letting me know :)

what program do you use for capping dvds?

I am taking over reviewing Supernatural for Fandomania and I see that previously Summer had credited you for the SPN screencaps she used. May I have permission to continue to use these caps in my articles?

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